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Art. TR01119E




Electric lift GENESIS 400, practical, robust and easy to use.
Patients raises up to kg.180.
It’s made of steel painted with epoxy powder; the tube of cross-section is rectangular.
The hoist of the lift arm is via wired remote control of the electrical assembly Dewert MEGAMAT.
The lift arm is supplied with a singletree with 4 attacks interspaced.
24-volt electrical operation.
The battery can be easily removed, so the charging can be done in any room, while the lift is not in use.
The unit is equipped with a button (red mushroom) for emergency stop and another red button to power down in the event of failure of the remote control.
Screw for manual emergency lowering in case of power breakdown.
Functions of ascent and descent at a distance, by remote control.
The base can be opened by a convenient foot pedal on the base in order to move easily under beds to be approached and any other equipment.
Rear wheels Ø cm.10 with brake blocks, while front wheels have a diameter of 10 cm.
Height from the ground of the arms cm 14.

Maximum height of the bar 159 cm
Maximum height of the pivot 190 cm
Minimum height of the bar 73 cm
Maximum external width 60 cm
Maximum internal width 48 cm
Open base from 48 to 94 cm
Base height 14 cm
Height of the column 117 cm
Total length 117 cm
Front wheels Ø 10 cm
Rear wheels with brake blocks Ø 10 cm
Gross Weight 36 kg

Technical data:
Material: stainless steel, painted with epoxy powder.
Supplied with Universal Sling STANDARD size only.
Registration RDM 717207 CND Y123603
Capacity approved kg.180
ISO CODE: – Electric lift with hammock sling with headboard.
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