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Art. CU01704


Antibedsore fluid gel cushion

Antibedsore fluid gel cushion

Antibedsore cushion made of a fluid gel and a polyurethane foam base, contained in a PVC sack.
The fluidity of the gel layer grants an optimal distribution of the body weight, minimising the pressure on the capillaries and preventing eventual occlusions.
The polyurethane foam base allows the body to sink into the cushion and at the same time it ensures an adequate support, in order to avoid the effect of bottom out  and it guarantees the stability of the seat.
The cover, with zip closure, is in antibacterial, bielastic and breathable polyurethane to minimize friction between skin and cushion, it is fitted with antislip base to provide greater safety and stability.

Technical data
Material: fluid gel
Characteristics: with removable cover
Dimensions: cm 40x40x4, available non standard dimensions on request.
Maximum weight allowed: 120 kg
Warranty: 2 years (excluding the parts under wear and tear)
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