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Art. SO02815


Antislip pad for trendelenburg operation

Antislip pad for trendelenburg operation

It fits perfectly to the patient’s body, avoiding slipping and favoring its anchoring to the operating table during interventions that require the position of Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg (gynecological surgery, colorectal, urological); performed both laparoscopically and robotics.

Technical features
Made of slow memory viscoelastic polyurethane, this material performs an important anti-bedsore function, protecting the patient from skin pressure injuries. Its disposable feature also ensures minimizing the risks of cross contamination

SO02815V The Trendelenburg mattress is supplied with:

• anti-slip base
• tubular cloth in Spunlace fabric to ensure greater stability to the patient
• additional fixing accessories when needed by the surgeon or medical team

SO02815KIT On request customized kits can be created, depending on the type of procedures and specific needs.
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