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Art. IG011010


Surgical scrub brush

Surgical scrub brush

Disposable surgical scrub brush with integrated sponge, dry and sterile.
Available without soap (IG011010), with Chlorhexidine Digluconate 4% (IG011010C) and with Povidone iodine 7,5% (IG011010P).
For surgical staff and patients to achieve the right conditions for optimal preoperative hand and skin hygiene and antisepsis, for infection prevention.
Soft bristles to clean nails and knuckles and sponge designed to clean hands, forearms and skin. Supplied with a nail cleaner. Anatomical design for higher comfort and adaptability to the user.
Kind to the skin, avoiding skin irritation and abrasion, reducing the risk of infection.

Single use only. Provided with nail cleaner.

Dispenser carton box 100 units or Carton box 450 units. (15 dispenser boxes of 30 units)
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