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Who we are

Products, expertise and services for medical and assistance professionals.

Who we are

Our Mission Statement

To study, select and provide products and services for healthcare workers in hospitals, clinics, rest homes and home care.

We commit to provide the best solutions for every necessity with maximum respect for the conditions of the patient and existing regulations. We commit to collaborate with our clients to build a long lasting partnership fostering maximum satisfaction for both parties.


How and why BioMatrix was founded:

BioMatrix was founded to become a reliable and competent partner for healthcare and assisted health institutions that deal with long term hospital stays, the care of ill patients and all cases that require the treatment of bedsores.

BioMatrix does not intend to place itself on the market as just any supplier, but as an authorative center for this sector, and a point of reference for tending to the special requests of contingent problems.

All of this is possible thanks to the experience gained in over ten years of activity in this sector.

The reasons why Biomatrix products are the very best

A careful selection of maerials and a steady control of quality standards allow Biomatrix products to get an extremely advantageous quality-price relationship.

Moreover Biomatrix adopts a philosofy of “global quality”, i.e. it makes any choice by taking care of the whole vital cycle of products, from their planning up to their planning up to their sale. The actual value of Biomatrix products is the result of competence, service, technology and the specific features of each articles.


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