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Art. SO05900


Shaped mattresses

Shaped mattresses

Bi-VACUUM brings numerous advantages to the work of operators, ensuring the highest standards of comfort and safety for patients:

Greater stability
Bi-VACUUM vacuum positioners conform perfectly and firmly to the patient's body and guarantee a safer positioning than that obtained with other systems which are simply placed against the patient.

Excellent access to the operating field
Thanks to the Bi-VACUUM positioners, the patient can be positioned exactly how the surgeon wishes for utmost preparation of the operating field.

Access to the limbs
The Bi-VACUUM vacuum positioners allow you to immobilize the patient in positions that are difficult to reach with other systems. The Bi-VACUUM vacuum positioners also allow to maneuver the patient's legs and arms without having to reposition.

Time savings
Using the Bi-VACUUM vacuum positioners, the patient is easily placed on the operating table and, if necessary, it can be quickly repositioned during the intervention saving valuable time to the entire staff.
Code Dimensions
SO059004 75/100x125 cm
SO059003 95/80x105 cm
SO059002 75x100 cm
SO059001 40x35 cm
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