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Art. TR01113




Tubolar is used to facilitate the positioning and handling of bedridden patients.
It has to be placed under the patient like a blanket and it permits small transfers, turning and positioning of patients in all directions with extreme facility.
Tubolar is made of Ultra Low Friction nylon, a fabric particularly suited for this kind of use. It is a very robust fabric, which supports turning and positioning of weights up to 250-300 kg.
Double finishing. It is radio transparent and UV rays resistant.
Made of non-toxic fabric, it is available in different sizes, also custom-made.

TR01113A - Tubolar cm 190x75
TR01113B - Tubolar cm 190x75
TR01113C - Tubolar cm 180x60
TR01113D - Tubolar cm 170x72
TR01113E - Tubolar cm 150x80
TR01113F - Tubolar cm 150x70
TR01113G - Tubolar cm 130x80
TR01113H - Tubolar cm 130x72
TR01113I - Tubolar cm 110x180
TR01113J - Tubolar cm 110x90
TR01113K - Tubolar cm 110x75
TR01113L - Tubolar cm 110x50
TR01113M - Tubolar cm 100x70
TR01113N - Tubolar cm 95x75
TR01113O - Tubolar cm 90x70
TR01113P - Tubolar cm 70x75
TR01113Q - Tubolar cm 70x50
TR01113R - Tubolar cm 65x55
TR01113S - Tubolar cm 60x60
TR01113T - Tubolar cm 50x40

Machine washable up to 60°C.

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