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Art. TR01112




Sheet is used to facilitate the positioning and handling of bedridden patients. Normally it is used double: the big one positioned directly on the mattress and, upon it, the little one, which is into contact with the patient, allowing small transfers, turning and positioning in all directions with extreme facility.
It is equipped with handles for an easier handling.
It is made of Ultra Low Friction nylon, a fabric particularly suited for this kind of use. It is a very robust fabric, which supports turning and positioning of weights up to 250/300 kg.
Strong double finishing with handles.
It is radio transparent and UV rays resistant.
Made of non-toxic fabric, it is available in different sizes, also custom-made.

TR01112A – Sheet cm 200x105
TR01112B – Sheet cm 200x70
TR01112C – Sheet cm 195x70
TR01112D – Sheet cm 190x75
TR01112E – Sheet cm 180x70
TR01112F – Sheet cm 170x90
TR01112G – Sheet cm 170x72
TR01112H – Sheet cm 165x70
TR01112I – Sheet cm 150x70
TR01112J – Sheet cm 130x100
TR01112K – Sheet cm 130x80
TR01112L – Sheet cm 130x70
TR01112M – Sheet cm 110x90
TR01112N – Sheet cm 110x80
TR01112O – Sheet cm 110x75
TR01112P – Sheet cm 95x75
TR01112Q – Sheet cm 90x50
TR01112R – Sheet cm 70x70
TR01112S – Sheet cm 70x50
TR01112T – Sheet cm 65x55

Machine washable up to 60°C.

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