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White Paper Patient positioning in operating theatre

White Paper Patient positioning in operating theatre

Download for free this useful document that shows you how it is possible to facilitate patient and multidisciplinary team comfort and safety.

We present an interesting white-paper dedicated to all the facilities that face the problem of patient positioning on the surgery table. The positioning of the patient on the surgery table is essential for the safety of the operator and the multidisciplinary team assigned to the operating room. Correct exposure of the operating field is equivalent to a successful surgical intervention. Damage resulting from poor positioning occurs more frequently in wards where patients are less cooperative or not self-sufficient, such as intensive care and operating theaters.

Thanks to the contribution of Valeria Lattuca, a physiotherapist and wound specialist with great direct experience, this white paper analyzes  the postures that guarantee the patient maximum safety on breathing, on the blood circulation, on the risk of falls, on the prevention of Pressure Injuries, on any nerve compromises, muscle tendon while limiting post-operative complications. Enjoy the reading!!!

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