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Art. SDAD305



Antidecubitus system with low alternate pressure, medium/high risk for therapy up to IIIrd stage.


All materials are studied to pass rigid tests in order to check resistenace, durability and the correct use.
Inflatable elements are made of nylon/PU and are welded in high frequency for an optimal and durable held.
Thanks to the manufacturing materials, inflatable elements are machine washable.
To facilitate disconnection and cleaning, each single element is connected to the air distribution circuit by connectors with rapid buckle graft.
The replacement of a damaged element can be easily effected even if the patient is lying on the mattress.

The three ways antidecubitus system with 10 minutes cycle allows to distribute the charge on the mattress surface maintaining the contact pressures of the capillaries (P.O.C. = 32 mmHg) for 67% of the cycle timing.
This technology permits a total adaptability to the morphological characteristics and to the postural changes of the patient.
The three inflatable cells which support the head remain static to avoid annoying movements of the patient's nape.
Possible exclusion of the heels cells.

The sensor is located in a separate pocket (to avoid gaps difficult to clean) which is situated under the inflatable elements; it provides every instant the mattress inflation pressure adjustment in order to grant with continuity the correct discharge of the contact pressures on the basis of the patient's weight and posture.
The sensor is connected to the compressor by a tube and its working is nor compromised by bed inclination nor by the patient's position.

The upper mattress cover is made of polyesther coated with a PU film.
This bielastic, smooth and sliding material minimizes frictions and cutting forces responsible of the wounds.
The material, breathable to capours but waterproof to liquids, facilitates the removale of incontinence and sweat products, thus avoiding skin maceration.
Its antibacterial, antistatic and antimicotic characteristics avoid the creation of an unhealthy microenvironment between the skin and the device.
The cover is fireproof according to BS 6807 and BS 7175 (Crib 5) and is machine washable up to 60°C.

The patient can be transported without renouncing to the therapeutical support in two ways: keeping the tubes disconnected from the compressor, the mattress remain inflated for 10-12 hours; keeping the tubes connected to the compressore you can have an autonomy of about 3 hours.

The functioning of Narciso electronic compressor is very easy and intuitive, thanks to the symbols of the control panel and to the messages visualized on the display.
Besides automatic inflation regulation, thanks to the electronic sensor it is possible manually to adjust inflation to the patient's comfort.
Thanks to the maximum inflation function you can inflate the mattress in a few minutes to ease up all nursing interventions and the moving of the patient.

CPR FUNCTION (cardio-pulmonary rianimation)
In case of emergency, it is sufficient to open the valve positioned in the head area, identified by a visible yellow flap.
In about 10 seconds rianimation manouevres on the patient can be started.

The compressor is equipped with an acoustic and visual alarm with silencer, which intervenes in case of mattress low pressure or in case of pump damage and, upon request, in case of electricity failure.
The alarm messages are visualized on the display thanks to a red led.
Code SDAD305 SDAD306
Prevention efficacy (Norton scale) Medium-high risk High/Very-high risk
Prevention efficacy (NPUAP scale) III stage IV stage
Surface type Mattress Mattress
Mattress weight and dimensions (inflated) 7 kg
cm 200x90x18
available also in 80, 90 cm width
9 kg
cm 200x90x23
available also in 80, 90 and 120 cm width
Inflatable elements 17 nylon-PU elements, H cm 13, circular section 20 nylon-PU elements, H cm 18, “8” section
Max patient weight 200 kg 250 kg
Deflation time (CPR valve) 10 seconds 10 seconds
Initial inflation time 30 minutes 30 minutes
Flame test according to standard: Cover and foam components are fire proof (1IM class, according to UNI9175 and UNI 9175/FA1 1a) with approval of the Ministry of Interior (registration n. MI2435D20D1IM00002)
Cover Polyester fibre coated in polyurethane. Elastic in both directions, waterproof (ISO 811:1981) and breathable at the air and the water vapour, washable in the machine until 60°, fireproof BS 7175:1989 (crib 5), bacteriostatic and antimycotic (ATCC 6538/ATCC 9642).
Technical details Electronic compressor: ABS shockproof chassis
Voltage/frequency: 220-230 V AC – 50 Hz
Power rating: 16VA
Fuse: 250V/T 1,6 AL
Electric protection class: II
Applied part type: B
Dimensions: 43x31x14 cm
Weight: 5,5 kg
Max noise level at 1 m distance: 33 dB
Conformity CEI EN 60601-1: 1998 
CEI EN 60601-1-2: 2001
Certification Class I device according to Medical Devices Directive 93/42/CEE
Warranty 2 years (excluding parts subject to wear)
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