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Art. SDKIT302


Air compressor with regulator and overlay mattress with elements

Air compressor with regulator and overlay mattress with elements

Overlay mattress SDMA302

The air overlay mattress SDMA302 is made of Nylon/PVC/PU and can be supplied with or without CPR valve (rapid deflating valve to allow heart massage – OPTIONAL).
The overlay mattress is complete with a PU bielastic cover on fireproof polyester support which is fixed on the underlying part through automatic buttons at the head and feet part and it is fixed to the bed mattress.

Technical characteristics
  • Prevention Efficacy (Norton scale): Low risk
  • Surface: overlay mattress
  • Weight and dimensions (inflated): 5,8 kg 200x85x12
  • Number of elements: 18
  • Thickness: 0,35 mm
  • Maximum weight allowed: 160 kg

Compressor SDCO302

Alternating air compressor with pressure regulator.
Used for all individuals with weight problems and sensitive skin; the user weight range can vary from 40 to 160 kg.
The compressor is also available in a version with a warning light which indicates any faults involving the overlay mattress or compressor.
Both models can be used with a traditional air overlay mattresses or overlay mattresses with interchangeable elements.

Technical characteristics
  • Cycle Time: 6 Mins.
  • Air Output: 6-7 L/ Min.
  • Pressure Range: 70~ 130 mmHg
  • Electrical Power Supply: 220-240 Volts.
  • Protection Against Class II Electric Shocks
  • Warranty: 12 months
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