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Art. DG011303




Single headed Stethoscope (DG011303A):
47 mm single headed
Soft ear tips
Non-chill rims
Single PVC Y-tube
Alluminium alloy chestpiece
Individual display box

Stetoscopio a testa singola (DG011303B):
48 mm double headed; large head for heart and lung auscultation; small head for low frequency sound auscultation; non-chill rims; soft ear tips; alluminium alloy chestpiece; single PVC Y-tube.

Sprague Rappaport Stethoscope (DG011303C):
Zinc alloy double headed; 45,4 mm membrane for adult auscultation; small membrane for child auscultation; bells for auscultation from infant to adult;
soft ear tips; non-chill rims, alluminium alloy chestpiece, single PVC Y-tube.
INCLUDED ACCESSORIES: 1 pair of tube connectors, 1 pair of soft ear tips, 3 membrane adaptors.

Warranty: 2 years
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